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MB SD C4 Lan & wifi Connection setup guide

Le 14 septembre 2017, 11:55 dans Humeurs 0

The two signal waveforms of the intake camshaft are merged, resulting in malfunction of the sensor function. The reasons for signal merging are: MB SD C4 Diagnostic tool sensor hardware failure, sensor installation location failure, signal generator failure. Because the sensor has been replaced before, you can exclude the sensor MB SD C4 hardware failure; because the sensor mounting position is fixed, so they measured the camshaft 4 signal leaves to the fixed sensor position, the results show that there is a signal leaf and the other three signal leaves The distance is less than 0.9mm.

Link of MB SD Connect Compact 4:

    It is this 0.9mm distance leading to the MB SD C4 sensor signal acquisition is not normal. Use the tool to correct the deformation of the signal leaves, measurement meet the requirements, install the sensor, remove the fault code, start the engine again, the engine on the instrument failure alarm light is no longer lit. Go out to test, everything back to normal. At this point, the car's fault was really completely removed by hand.


    Maintenance Summary: This car Opel Opcom v1.95 in the replacement of the camshaft after the failure, over-reliance on the computer given the diagnostic results, while ignoring Opcom V1.95 the meaning of the first fault code, that is, the sensor function failure, and no analysis of the system control logic, Which led to miscarriage of justice, and missed itself without failure of the intake camshaft adjustment sprocket and Opel Opcom control valve. It can be seen, to become a good car diagnostic division, it should be like the detection of suspense case, can not let go of any clues, so accurate analysis, lean evidence, in order to better and more accurately find the real source of failure.


    Expert Comments: After reading this article, I was very dissatisfied with the heart. As a front-line technical staff, but also high-end brand vehicle maintenance of Launch X431 V 8 inch technical personnel, in the troubleshooting, is this to carry out troubleshooting repair it?

As a modern vehicle maintenance, the use of professional equipment has long been commonplace, after reading the fault code, in addition to follow the Launch X431 v instructions in the maintenance manual to check, the use of oscilloscopes to verify the fault waveform is also necessary to do the work, so that more Accurately find the cause of the X431 malfunction, unfortunately, the author did not do so, which also laid the foreshadowing for the subsequent failure.


Several kinds of car ECU introduction

Le 12 septembre 2017, 08:18 dans Humeurs 0

Hyundai Motor in order to meet people on the car comfort, safety, economic needs, continue to increase the electrical equipment on the car. With the car ECU Programmer kess v2 v5.017 on the electrical equipment continues to increase, the car circuit has become increasingly complex, the difficulty of reading the car circuit diagram is xtool x100 pad constantly increasing. In fact, read the car circuit is not difficult, before reading the car circuit, you should first understand the basic composition of the car circuit.

    Throughout the car vehicle circuit, it is not difficult to find the car circuit is composed of XTOOL X100 Pad key programmer  many basic circuits and electrical equipment. The use of the relay circuit in the control circuit can be divided into direct control circuit and indirect control circuit. For the power circuit, the signal xtool x100 pad circuit and the actuator operating circuit. When x100 pad reading the car circuit diagram, you can follow the above points of the first circuit is divided into different types of circuits, and then class analysis and interpretation, read each type of circuit, but also read the vehicle circuit.

In reading the direct control circuit, the key is to kess v2 follow the principle of the circuit, that is, the electrical work must be in the battery positive, overload protection devices (such as fuses), the controller, electrical appliances and battery anode between the closed loop.

Kess v2 firmware v5.017 ECU Programmer

As shown in Figure 1-1, the circuit is the kessv5.017 battery positive pole the instrument panel fuse F20 10A (overload protection device) reverse switch (controller) turn the light (electrical) G401 grounding a battery negative.

    Multi-function combination switch is another important switch for the  kess v2 firmware 5.017 control of electrical appliances, including lighting switch (headlamp switch, variable light switch), signal switch (steering signal switch, dangerous warning light switch, overtaking light switch), block Wind turbines, wipers and washer switches, etc., installed in front of the driver's steering column, easy to control the driver.


    Fuse is the most common overload protection device when the vas5054a diagnosis  on the car, for the protection of local circuits can be rated current for a long time working load, but when the current exceeds the rated current of 25%, about 1min on the fuse, in vas5054a excess of the rated current 10%, then 3min on the fuse. So the fuse in the structure of a certain time, the greater the current flow through the fuse, fuse farther the shorter time. The fuse is a one-time protection device, after the fuse, can only replace the new fuse.



Where to get a professional xtool diagnostic tool

Le 9 septembre 2017, 08:51 dans Humeurs 0

Fault car to the 4S shop to repair the phenomenon is not much, therefore, Xtool EZ500 HD for a serious inspection and diagnosis. First use the HDS diagnostic instrument to read the fault code, the result is still DTC 12-torque sensor VAS6154 circuit failure or poor contact. After deleting the fault code, the EPS system is back to normal.

For the failure analysis may cause the reasons: EZ500 HD power supply or ground line fault, EPS ECU and the sensor line between the short circuit or fault, the sensor itself is faulty or ECU control unit internal failure. Therefore, in the case of Launch X431 v engine idling, the use of HDS diagnostic instrument for data flow analysis, the results of EPS and engine ECU can communicate, and launch x431 wifi can display data, indicating the EPS control unit power supply circuit and itself no problem, and the data flow display torque sensor No power supply voltage,

Therefore, the torque sensor can not work properly, no relay ez500 sensor voltage signal will cause the relay to shut down for failure protection, EPS ECU can not issue a command to the booster motor. So the fault should be found in the torque sensor and its connection circuit.


Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet Wifi/Bluetooth Full System Diagnostic Tool 

According to the above data flow analysis and fault diagnosis, combined with the car only in the driving will be a failure of the integrated situation, the use of digital multimeter for targeted testing: first detection EPS, the Launch X431 WIFI ECU 14-pin connector 1 , The voltage of the No. 2 pin and the ground (9th pin), respectively, in the ignition switch placed in the "ON" position and the engine idling two states,

Before the failure were 12V, 5V, after the fault are 0V. This shows that the EPS ECU supply torque sensor power supply is not normal, while x431 v No. 2 pin to the torque sensor for open circuit, short circuit check were not found abnormal phenomenon. Followed by the detection of EPS ECU 14-pin connector No. 7 pin, respectively, with the No. 4 pin (ground) voltage, the ignition switch placed in the "ON", before and after the fault is about 2V.

The engine idle before and after the fault is about 4. 5V, xtool ez500 working properly. Finally, the voltage of pin 7 and pin 4 of the 7-pin connector of the torque sensor is set to "ON" at the ignition switch, 2 to 4V before the fault, and then the torque sensor is pushed When the device is fixed at 2V, release the hand, start the engine, the instrument panel EPS, fault light is always bright, electric power does not work.

According to the results of the above test to determine the torque sensor 7 foot connector connection failure, replace the torque sensor line connector test, the fault phenomenon disappears.



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